10 Terms You Need to Know to Understand Poetry


(After Edward Hirsch’s Huffington Post article)

rhyme—a distracting
ally useful

line—almost totally
meaningless now

Shaolin—a Chán Buddhist 
monastery named after a 
forest named after a mountain—
a kind of martial art—Wu Tang 
Clan code for Staten Island

your nerve—a thing
you might just go on

rhythmthey can’t
hurt you now—they 
can’t hurt you now—
they can’t hurt you now

retweet—epigram cascade 
infinite echo chamber 

favorite—it costs
you almost nothing

O—an open mouth—the 
full moon—an iron 
bracelet—short for OMG

selfie—mirrors are still OK 
I guess but since everything’s 
a camera now—the husk-
self cut out & prolifig

poem—a thing too open 
& immaterial to be call’d 
by another name

Fuck yes Bob