Hi friends. Matthew Sherling sent me some questions so I took a shower and answered them. In this video, I contemplate hi-5ing a dead person, read an amazing Eileen Myles poem from the seventies, set the record for “most ‘likes’ uttered in 18 minutes,” and make a nonsensical claim about ham sandwiches. I’ll love you if you watch it, but I’ll also love you the same if you don’t watch it. 




mark cugini showers & trims/combs his beard in this video while drake plays in the background

he speaks about his book I AM JUST HAPPY TO BE HERE  & how he uses ‘appropriation as an artistic device’ 

he reads a poem by eileen myles as a response to my question about how much he values honesty

my favorite moments:

“Hi, I’m Mark, & I’m the author of Freedom by Jonathan Franzen […] I’m the author of Nothing Was the Same. Hi, I’m Mark, & I’m a wolf doctor […] Hi, I’m Mark, & my face is made of adderall […] Hi, I’m Mark, & I’m that episode of Dawson’s Creek when Joey loses her virginity”

"I wanted to write the least boring book of poetry I could possibly write […] like the best combination of ice cream flavors you could have on one cone”

“If not for [Dorothea Lasky] I wouldn’t understand what poetry could do.”

“I’m in poetry for the highfives, & you can’t highfive a dead person”

“The poet’s job is to see the world as stars […] creating these constellations. You look & say, ‘Oh, that’s the Big Dipper.’ Fuck your ladle - I want that ladle to look like a New Era fitted hat. How to rearrange the world so that you could see what I see, even though we’re looking at the same thing”

“I’m having a long, long monogamous relationship with the internet, & I’m not going anywhere.”

“Now you don’t need a print journal to be a legitimate literary place”