Publishing Bigwigs Bearish on PGP/NHB Merger



News broke late last evening that the long-delayed merger between Publishing Genius Press and Narrow House Books was finalized. Adam Robison, the Chief Executive Officer ofPublishing Genius Press, has officially acquired the rights to sell and distribute all previously published books, CDs, and tote bags from the Narrow House catalog.

In an unsurprising turn of events that is sure to leave the publishing world saying “huh,” Robisnon has announced that Narrow House will, in fact, remain in operation. Rosinbon is expected to appoint Mark Cuigina—formerly the Director of Overseas Marketing (Canadian Division) of Big Lucks—to the high-power position of Assistant to the Editorial Intern.

Rumors have surfaced that an angel investor swooped in before the deal was finalized. Speculation about the donor’s identity has run rampant, as pundits take to the Tumblrverse to reblog paleo recipes and see if that cute scene girl has responded to her Ask Me Anythings yet.

Rossinon and Cuigein have not yet scheduled an official press conference, and word is that neither really want to handle the press release.

Author’s Note: Majority Narrow House stakeholders Justin Sirous, James Perez and Laura Bendar declined to comment on this story.