Sarah Galvin - The Room of Disembodied Excitement

No one wants to know about your
publications or your missing fingers or your
Dodge Charger. They have been waiting
all night, perhaps all their lives,
to tell you why their sister is a bitch.
No one wants to hear the nervous catalogue
of anecdotes that mean “I like you,”
they would like to know if
the beers in the kitchen are free.
Their sister just sent them another
text subtly mocking their apartment.
Do you really like this person
or does it just comfort you
to sleep next to someone?
You once thought sleeping near your parents,
even if the closest you could get
was the bedroom floor,
would ensure they lived through the night.
You remember Tom of Finland said,
“If I don’t have an erection
when I’m visiting a museum,
I know it’s no good,”
and you love the idea
of a room of disembodied excitement.
You take out a sharpie and draw a perfect ass
on the face of the person you’re talking with.
The lines extend to the edges
of their face, and onto the wall, and into
the air. They spread farther and farther
until you can’t see the ends anymore.

(via Pinwheel)