SPIRIT ANIMAL - Abigail Zimmer

I’m afraid to suggest squirrel because 
even now, rooting about for some 
remembered happiness, I know 
to retreat from the morning 
and sleep with arms tucked under
like chicken wings. I wish I could 
order my spirit animal online, 
have it come packaged in small parts
which I assemble on the kitchen floor. 
Something that looks like a wing 
or fin or genitals would confuse me 
and I would call my dad for advice. 
What does your gut tell you? 
he would ask, before pulling out 
A Field Guide to Birds of North America
which I gave him on a birthday 
when I forgot his birthday. I want 
something to walk to the lake on 
Saturday mornings, let loose in water.
Sing! I sing, because I know no other words 
When my friend invites me to dinner, 
we tear into forbidden meats 
and fall asleep, hands clenching 
a bit of fur, bodies expanding 
in bulk, another row of teeth.

(via Jellyfish)