Today is my best friend’s birthday so I wrote her this really bad poem.

Me and You Is Not a Project
-for Dottie

Remember when
you were born
and the whole
world exploded?
I do
Remember that
one week
when you made
it seem like
nothing was ever
going to be
wrong again?
I do
Remember when
people liked
Puff Daddy?
I don’t
O! That Puffy!
O! Your beautiful voice!
And O! Your glorious Os!
Here’s some crazy shit
poetry should be
whatever you want
me to want it to be
because I’ve
never disagreed
with you
besides that
one time you
said “Bye!”
I hated that time
I hated that time
when the whole world
wasn’t hugging you
but that time is over
and now I am here
and now
no one
will ever be
mean to your
little butthole
ever again.