Variations on A Coordinating Conjunction

“I read Žižek on love and listen to Katy Perry
because the world is a mass of seamless urgencies
and there is no more impracticable way
to measure my frail proximity to knowledge
and its daft quasi-limitless impossibility.”
-Nick Sturm, “Another Door”

I listen to Drake and spend
three weeks waiting in
line for a digitalized version
of Marina Abramović
because I am letting my
world become a boundless
labyrinth of broken
-Mark Cugini, “Cleaning The House”

“I sip the Pora and listen to Cappadonna
The fresh prince, just had dinner with Tatyana, no lie
All these 90’s fantasies on my mind
The difference is that with mine, they all come true in due time”
-Drake, “Tuscan Leather”