by Livia Franchini

do they know their granddaughter runs the C tap for cold water

And is surprised when it’s calda?
Do they know she’d forgotten about fireflies?

Do they know she fucks a boy to the sound of passing trains
To the sound of crickets
To the blue light of a mosquito lamp that buzzes every time one burns on the metallic plate?
Do they know she cannot talk love in her second language but cannot talk dirty in her first?

Do they know that they went to the churchyard
They held hands in the shade
That the Eucalyptus tree is covered in parasites
And the cypresses with the green acorns, that go by the name of ‘cuddles’,
They are yellow
And the priest with the parrot on his shoulder doesn’t live there anymore?


Livia Franchini called us from London, UK.
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eeeeeeeeeeeeee livia is literally my favorite person alive and heaing her voice for the first time made me go “eeeeeeeeeeeeee” x100,000