What makes a reading a success in your eyes?

Can I answer this as a writer?


MC: As a performer, I think I can kind of instinctively tell based on the energy in the room. I feel like giving a reading is not about validating your ego, but about putting yourself out there in a way where you can feel the gap between yourself and the audience closing. I gave a reading last night and I swear, even before the fucking thing was over, it felt like the whole audience was giving me a hug. I didn’t even have to look up to know that–I was projecting my love to them, and they laughed and they sighed and they clapped and they took deep breaths at all the places that made me feel those feelings. So to me, I know a reading is a success when I walk off the stage and I feel love.

Tyler Gof Barton asked me some questions about readings and this is what I came up with.